The Trinity Lutheran College Canteen operates 5 days a week. While there is a canteen manager, volunteers play an important role in providing this service.  We have a full commercial kitchen – so no dishes to wash! 

The canteen nutrition policy is based on “Go For Your Life”, a Victorian Government initiative. We have been working with the program for the past eight years and it makes life very easy.

  • RED STOP FOOD: These are foods that are poor in nutrients, high in fat, sugar or salt such as lollies, chips, soft drinks, cake. These foods are available on Friday's only.                       
  • AMBER CAUTION FOOD: These are foods that provide some nutritional value but are moderately high in fat, salt, sugar and energy such as pasta, focaccias, jaffles.
  • GREEN GO FOOD:  These are foods that are low in fat, low in sugar, low in salt and HIGH in nutrients! These include fruit, salad, wholemeal sandwiches, lean meat.

Trinity Lutheran College is a NUT FREE school.

There are hot lunch specials daily and these are all made on the premises. The canteen makes a lot of its own food such as healthy muffins, meatballs, soups and pureed fruit icy poles as well as assembling boxed treats such as a cracker box.

The Trinity Lutheran College Canteen has a brown paper bag order policy with token money sheets also available from the office. No more envelopes, scraps of paper, old used bags or plastic bags and no more lost money or large notes to change. Just place the stickers to the value of the lunch order on the lunch bag.

Grandmas, grandpas, retirees or just someone with time on their hands, please give us a thought and consider volunteering in our canteen.


Canteen Menu Term 2, 2018 

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