Supporting Our Building Program

Our building program is ongoing as we strive to provide a high standard of education and continually meet the changing needs of 21st century learners. Apart from government sources, funding for development projects comes from the LLL (Lutheran Laypersons League) through the provision of Matching Deposit low interest loans. Parents, friends, supporters and local business can all help us by opening an LLL account and making it a Matching Deposit for Trinity Lutheran College Mildura.

To  celebrate the start of a child's learning journey at Trinity, the College will contribute $5 into each Prep child’s account that is opened during their first year. On opening a children’s account at any age, the LLL will also put in $5. Whether your child is in Prep or not, open an account for them today and start them on a savings pathway. Simply complete the form in the Trinity LLL Support brochure, bring it into the College and we will do the rest. Adults and businesses can have accounts too!

Friday is banking day at the College. Parents can either send money in with their child’s passbook or bring it to Student Administration personally. Our LLL representative in Mildura comes  to Trinity every Friday and processes the student banking.

What a great way to start your child on a savings pathway!


Finance With A Mission

Download our support brochure to check out how you can help our building program. Start an LLL Matching Deposit account today!

Click here to download our LLL Trinity Support Brochure