Digital Technology for Learning

Trinity Lutheran College supports a range of digital technologies to support and enhance teaching and learning.

Classrooms in Prep, year 1 and year 2 are equipped with mobile SMART interactive TV units while the remaining college classrooms are all equipped with SMART interactive whiteboards. Students in Prep to year 3 have access during class to sets of iPads on a 1:2 ratio while year 4 students have a 1:1 ratio.

After extensive research, the College implemented in 2014 a 1:1 parent owned iPad program for students in years 5 to 10. A comprehensive iPad Handbook outlines the College guidelines and useful information for students and parents to ensure the iPad is ready for use and is an effective learning tool both at school and at home. Parent information nights on our iPad program are held for each new cohort entering year 5. The College has email and internet monitoring systems in place and regularly provides cyber safety sessions for students and parents.

Banks of desktop computers are available for subjects such as Robotics and Information Technology Systems; and for when whole of class online testing is required.

For more images of the use of digital technology in our classrooms check out our Gallery page.