Discipline That Restores

Our Code of Conduct or the Trinity 5C's acts as an overarching guide for behaviour at Trinity Lutheran College. It is designed to give students an understanding of the community expectations in relation to behaviour and the expectations of the student as a learner. This forms the language of positive relationships and positive behaviours across the whole college. The 5C’s applies to all students while they are attending the College and college related activities. At any time students are wearing the school uniform, be it before, during or after school hours, they are expected to uphold this code. If you visit a classroom you will find posters and other visual images of what the 5C’s mean in that classroom and in the school grounds.

Trinity Lutheran College is a community of learners – students and teachers, staff and parents, who come together for the purpose of learning and teaching. Each individual learner is encouraged to develop their God given gifts and potential in a Christ centred environment that promotes positive relationships with all in the college community. To enable our College to function such that all in the College community feel safe and valued, and for the primary objective of learning for all is fulfilled, we recognise that there are basic rights pertaining to all. If we wish to have our rights respected then we must behave in a responsible manner which shows that we also respect the rights of others.To facilitate such a community, the college accepts the need for standards to be set and to be accepted by the community. When students experience conflict or disregard the college’s expectations and code of conduct, the college has the responsibility to intervene. The ultimate goal is to repair, reconnect and restore relationships.