Extension & Enrichment

Students at Trinity have many opportunities to engage in extracurricular activities either before school, during the lunch hour or after school. Activities include sports training, instrumental ensemble practice, instrumental music and dance tuition, chess club, homework and tutoring sessions to name a few.

Chess Club 

Chess club is run on a Tuesday lunch time in the Sunset Hall and is open to all students across the College. We participate in chess tournaments in the local area including one that is hosted here at Trinity in term one. Our Trinity teams performed very well in this tournament with a number of teams and individuals winning medals. We are fortunate to have a couple of volunteer dads who happen to be very experienced chess players who are able to coach and assist our players. Chess club is a fun way to practice not only chess games but also to work on developing problem solving skills and the ability to think and plan logically. Chess club is part of the way that Trinity aims to meet the diverse needs of individual students.



Instrumental Music and Dance

In addition to classroom music subjects offered at each year level, students have the opportunity through the instrumental music and dance program to learn an instrument of their choice and participate in performance ensembles or groups.To find out more read our information sheet and 2017 schedule of tuition.




Tournament of Minds (TOM)

Tournament of minds is an international competition designed to encourage young people to compete in challenges across a number of subject areas including engineering, maths, science, technology, literacy and sociological.  Students develop skills in team work,  problem solving and creative presentations.

Our teams meet every Tuesday and Thursday with the tournament to be held in Shepparton in August 2017. It is hoped that we will continue this program over the next few years and expand it into the secondary years.