Student Leadership

Trinity Lutheran College encourages all students to be leaders. We have a wholistic and formal model of leadership that aims to

  • provide all students with opportunities to develop and demonstrate leadership and teamwork skills
  • provide elected leaders and their teams with training to effectively fullfil their role
  • provide a forum for all students to have a voice on concerns and action issues

The Student Representative Council meets once a term to hear reports from the Student Action Teams, discuss issues raised by year level representatives and vote on recommendations for action.

The 2017 Student Representative Council is:

College Captains: Phoebe Roberts, Dylan Lucchesi

Student Leaders Primary: Talia Healy, Daniel Walsh

Student Action Team Leaders

  • Student Well Being - Conor Fitzpatrick
  • Community Involvement - Sophie Perry
  • Sport & Recreation -  Hannah Jackson
  • Interhouse Sport - Elizabeth Rowe
  • Interschool Sport - Ella Tilley

House Leaders

  • Chaffey Leaders – Riley Cornell, Eden Heinrich; Chaffey Deputy Leaders - Joshua Harvie, Hayley Crowhurst, Chaffey Primary Leaders - Lachlan George, Molly Kalms​
  • Deakin Leaders - Lachlan Cox, Nicole Ataliotis; Deakin Deputy Leaders - Jacob Hounslow, Gretel Loughhead; Deakin Primary Leaders -  Jordan Allen, Hannah Wadsworth
  • Mitchell Leaders - Jarryn Scadding, Oluwadurotimi Obatoki; Mitchell Deputy Leaders  - Bronson Dichiera, Elizabeth Rowe; Mitchell Primary Leaders - Oluwatobi Obatoki, Esther Fanoiki
  • Sturt Leaders - Jordan Cooke, Sarah Whyte; Sturt Deputy Leaders - Marcus Coppola, Tiana Moras; Sturt Primary Leaders - Aidan Avery, Maya Kurban Zweck

SRC Class Representatives: Year 3A - Alex Kambouris, Year 3B - Tayvia Eggmolesse; Year 4A - Reuben Bekker, Year 4B - Oliver Murray; Year 5/6A - Zoe McGinty, Jae Knobben, Year 5/6B - Zhoe McGinty, Siddharth Rachakonda; Year 5/6C - Leila Holman, Olivia Kambouris, S1 - Jarron Collins,  S2 - Anna Whitton; M1 - Modupe Obatoki, M2 - Luke MacKay; D1 - Simone Palamara, D2 - Ana Thompson; C1 - Kavin Akilan, C2 - Shania Bekker