Valuing Safe Communities

Trinity Lutheran College affirms the worth and dignity of all individuals in its community.  We uphold this belief on the basis that all are created in the image of God and that all are embraced by God’s love evidenced in Christ’s life, death and resurrection.   The ministry of Jesus Christ gave respect to all people irrespective of class, race, gender or status. Trinity is committed to enabling each person to reach their potential, and to uphold each other in caring, supporting, encouraging and forgiving relationships.

We,  therefore,  believe  all  members  of  the  College community have an equal right:

  • to be treated fairly by fellow students and staff (and therefore we show respect for each other)
  • to feel safe and secure (and therefore we treat each other with kindness and support
  • to learn, and grow towards their full potential (and therefore we will support and encourage each other in our work)
  • to feel valued, accepted  and cared for as unique individuals  (and therefore  we will listen to each other, encouraging self-expression, and we will accept each other as we are)
  • to have their own property (and therefore we will respect and protect the property of others)

Because bullying, harassment and discrimination affect a person’s wellbeing, self-confidence, work and relationships with others, it is contrary to the values of a Christian Community and totally against the College’s ethos.  It may also be against the law. Our Safe Community policy defines and covers a range of bullying and discriminatory behaviours, the expectations on all members of our community and the steps to take if there is an issue.  The primary aim of any intervention will be to restore positive relationships, to heal hurt and to establish a renewed understanding of our life at the College.

Safe Community policy

A thought … those individuals and societies who are quick to violence admit their ideas just gave out. As well as their love. But when you approach a conflict with a head full of ideas and a heart full of love, you might be astounded as how quickly things get settled. “Control your life by love, just as Christ loved us.” Ephesians 5:2