Overview of Community

Trinity is a community that seeks to engage in a mosaic of constructive community partnerships.

For any vision to be realised and for any innovation to be sustained it must be embedded in the local community. The forging of partnerships builds a way of working together for the future, something that will last longer than the life of a project. Partnerships build relationships that enable us to live out and be a witness to our faith as we care and reach out to others.

For our community this means making connections …

  • To each other as we work as a team and learn and grow together
  • To the local community as we engage in service learning
  • To people in other places and spaces as our students connect with virtual learning
  • To our peers as we develop personal relationships in a rapidly changing society
  • To Jesus as we are formed in our faith.

The community at Trinity embraces all learners from the cradle to the grave, each on an individual learning journey … just like a mosaic.

Trinity provides many opportunities for families, parents, friends and Church to come together and BE community.