Our Story

“At Trinity Lutheran College, we are guided by the gospel of Jesus Christ to nurture and challenge each individual learner to grow into an inquiring and compassionate global citizen with a heart to serve, shape and enrich the world. We aim for quality in all that we do.” -Mission Statement

In the very beginning, we were known as Holy Trinity Lutheran School.


The school commenced with great anticipation at the beginning of 1982 with only 29 students in the modest church hall. Later that year our school was moved into a more modern brick building on Fifteenth Street. A working vineyard was part of the original block of land, so harvest time was a delightful school community event.


In 1996 double streaming commenced in the primary school and by 1997 enrolments had grown to 250 students.


In 2000 the school expanded into secondary education with the commencement of Year 7 classes. The first Year 10 graduating class completed their studies in 2003. By 2004 Trinity had grown to provide a Christian education for a growing enrolment of over 450 students with a building program keeping pace with growing enrolments.


In October 2004 Holy Trinity Lutheran School changed its name to Trinity Lutheran College.


In 2014, the Victoria Wing, the original building, was extensively refurbished to the excitement of the early primary years community. Most recently in 2015, Mallee Sports Hall was built and the sports precinct extensively redeveloped with the support of the PTFA.


In 2017, Trinity Lutheran College moved from being a school of the congregation to being constitutionally a school of the LEVNT District. Holy Trinity Lutheran Congregation remains a supporting congregation and a partner in our ministry and mission focus.


In 2018, the College began its journey into the International Baccalaureate after being accepted into candidacy for both the primary years program (PYP) and the middle years program (MYP). This will be an exciting journey in the years ahead.

Since its inception, Trinity Lutheran College has been blessed with dedicated staff, committed parents and faithful governance.

The bigger picture

Trinity Lutheran College is one of 86 schools of the Lutheran Church of Australia, 15 of which are in Victoria. The College is part of the Lutheran Education Australia (LEA) system of schools in the region of Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania (LEVNT) and is a member school of Independent Schools Victoria (ISV). Trinity Lutheran College is registered with VRQA (#1839) to provide schooling to students from Prep to Year 10.

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