Being Cyber Safe

Years 5 and 6 students take cybersafety seriously. In order to be a responsible digital citizen, students need to engage positively with others, know their online world and most importantly consciously choose what they click on, what they share and who they share with! In order to show students just how quickly sharing an image with “friends” can spread, we shared an image on our school facebook page and waited to see how far it would go. Egypt, Canada, Denmark, New York, China, South Africa were just some of the countries who saw our post.

Students also took part in the ‘My House, My Rules’ virtual classroom initiative run by the Australian Government DET Digital Learning Branch. Students from across Australia logged on and participated in an interactive session. Students and teachers were able to contribute to surveys, add comments and find out about the latest methods to avoid unsafe online situations. As part of our child safety program, students are also learning more through their Daniel Morecombe cybersafety curriculum sessions. For more information check out:

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