Book Week

On Wednesday 22nd August 2018 we celebrated the annual Book Week dress-up day and parade. It is one of the most popular days of the school year and nearly all students, regardless of their age, (staff too) let their love of books shine as they dressed up as a favourite book character. The theme, “Find Your Treasure”, invoked a sea of boisterous pirates of all sizes and a whole lot of ‘aaaarghs’ echoed around the hall! Following the parade and much cheering and chatter, the students rotated through a selection of activities with varying teachers in multi-age groups. It was very impressive to see the students maintain their character role, in often elaborate and tricky costuming throughout the day.

Book Week is celebrated annually at TLC. It is a chance to showcase the year’s best selection of Australian children’s authors and illustrators. Activities this year included a Book Fair, a schoolyard Treasure Hunt and a competition matching the favourite book ‘treasures’ of the staff. The theme “Find Your Treasure’ also inspired an impressive display of pirate books from our own TLC library collection. The week was completed with a lunchtime viewing of ‘Treasure Island’.

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