Creating pride and a sense of belonging

Trinity Lutheran College has a proud tradition of our students wearing their uniform with pride.

All students are expected to wear the full and correct uniform as specified. There is a common uniform for the whole college with appropriate variations as students move into the secondary years. The standard uniform consists of a summer and winter day uniform and a sports uniform. On special occasions, students representing the College are provided with a blazer to wear at that event. Refer to our dress code for specific information on the wearing of our uniform.

The majority of items are available from our uniform shop which is managed by Noone Imagewear. The onsite shop is located next to Reception. It is open on Tuesday’s from 2.15pm to 4.30pm and Friday’s from 8.15am to 10.30am. Orders are accepted through Noone Imagewear online store. Special high-cost items will be available by order only once a year. Second-hand uniform items are also available.

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