At Trinity Lutheran College we are a vibrant and inquisitive learning community guided by consistent expectations of high quality outcomes

  • where knowledge, ideas, imagination and creativity are valued
  • where critical thinking and openness of mind are encouraged
  • where students and teachers share in a continual process of learning and growth
  • where a desire for life-long learning is generated
  • where different learning styles and intelligence domains are understood and respected
  • where individual success is encouraged, achievement affirmed and quality appreciated
  • where students develop self-discipline and respect for each other
  • where the uniqueness of the individual is valued and affirmed
  • where the diverse gifts and talents of its members is celebrated
  • where we focus on building positive relationships with each other and with all members of the college community
  • where we learn how to rebuild broken relationships in a spirit of respect and reconciliation
  • where the development of personal and communal spirituality is fostered through prayer, reflection and worship
  • where the inner life and well being of individuals is nourished
  • where a critical awareness of social issues and a concern for the marginalised are fostered
  • where students are empowered to live fulfilling and valuable lives and to be leaders in a world of change
  • where strong and reciprocal connections to the global and local community are formed
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