Pastoral Care Program

Love is patient and kind … always trusts, always hopes and always remains strong. [1Corinthians 13:4,7]

Pastoral care is the spiritual, physical, social, intellectual and emotional health and well-being of all persons in the college. Authentic pastoral care involves establishing and maintaining boundaries, learning from our mistakes, showing empathy, concern and compassion for others, demonstrating love and forgiveness. It is both part of the informal fabric of College life as well as a formal, structured time between a teachers and a group of students.

In the secondary years, the formal pastoral care program at Trinity is based on house groups and works on a vertical integration of students from years 7 to 10. This encourages friendships across the year levels and a buddy connection between the oldest and the youngest students. Students remain in the same pastoral care group (PCG) and with the same teacher whilst at the College. This allows strong bonds to be formed between the teacher, their students and their families. As the year 10 students graduate and leave the College, a new group of year 7 students are welcomed into the PCG group.

Pastoral care groups (PCG) meet each morning for devotion, informal check-in conversations and administration such as roll marking and daily notices. Once a week, students meet for a longer PCG session in which most of our well-being programs and activities are delivered.

Our pastoral care teachers work with their group of students and their families to ensure that all feel valued and that each student is supported to reach their educational goals.

  • Daniel Morecombe Child Safety Program including bullying and cyber safety
  • Personal development, social skills and emotional intelligence
  • Understanding self as a learner, learning and study skills
  • Leadership development and team building
  • Work, careers and pathways
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