Model United Nations Conference

On Wednesday the 20th of June, six year 9/10 students attended the Model United Nations Conference (MUNC) which was run by the United Nations Association of Australia (Victorian Division). Prior to the day, we were required to research about our given countries/states and the affect of climate change on those places. The event consisted of a total of four sessions. In the first session, each country was expected to have prepared a ‘Position Statement’ which explained how your country/state interprets global warming and how it is affected by climate change. The second session was a caucus session where countries were able to raise any concerns or questions for other countries. This was quite a controversial session as each country had a different opinion of the topic.

After lunch, we continued with sessions three and four. The ‘Amendments’ session was where participants were able to present any changes to the current clauses that existed and countries were asked to vote whether or not these would go forward. In the ‘Final Resolution’ session, countries were required to vote on the overall changes that were made and whether they agreed or not. Overall the day was a fantastic opportunity for us to increase our knowledge of climate change and how conferences like these go down.

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