Social Skilling Program

Relationships don’t just happen; they’re built.

You Can Do It!

Our teachers value getting to know each student as a unique individual created and loved by God. You Can Do It! is the overarching program in the primary years that teaches children the skills they need to be successful and happy throughout their lives. In Prep the students are introduced to five foundational keys that are explored using the puppet characters of Pete Persistence, Ricky Resilience, Connie Confidence, Oscar Organisation and Gabby Get Along. At Trinity, we believeĀ children are more successful when their social and emotional needs are met. The You Can Do It! program provides this opportunity over their years of primary schooling. Under the banner of the You Can Do It! Program. Students also participate in a range of social skilling and personal development programs including the Daniel Morecombe Child Safe curriculum and Stop Think Do.

Start Right

Start Right is a program in the primary school which students and their teachers engage in for the first week of the school year. Students participate in a diversity of activities within their learning communities. The aim is to build positive relationships, understand our values in practice, establish daily classroom and school routines and set high expectations to create a safe, positive learning environment. The intent is to ensure everyone has a successful start to their school year and that this continues throughout the year.

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