Interschool sport

Throughout the year, students are given opportunities to compete in a range of inter-school sport with direct channels that can lead to national-level competition. SSV is a state wide competition for both metropolitan and country schools including Catholic, Independent and State Schools. Trinity competes in the Sunraysia division for both primary and secondary competitions, with the next step being the Loddon Mallee region followed by State championships. Students from Year 5 onwards are eligible for the SSV competitions.

Team sports include Cricket, Soccer, Tennis, Baseball, Volleyball, Hockey, Badminton and Basketball. Individual sports include swimming, cross country, athletics, clay target shooting and equestrian.

From time to time, Trinity will field teams in other competitions such as McDonalds Hoop Time and Volleyball All Schools.

Students who nominate to compete in the interschool team are expected to train with the team at the designated times. This is set by the coach and is usually after school for secondary students. Primary students have a designated sports afternoon during which interschool teams will train.

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