Spiritual Life

“I am the vine; you are the branches.” [John 15:5a]

As a Lutheran College, our students engage daily in prayer and spiritual reflection. The College following a spiritual life theme each term which enables students and staff to support each other in spiritual reflection and formation and informs the spiritual activities of the college.


Chapel is an integral component of our identity as a community based on Christian values. The primary and secondary students participate separately in a weekly chapel that is led by class teachers and their students.  The Chapel program is an opportunity for us to grow in faith and reflect on important issues of life. The start and end of each term are celebrated with a whole of college chapel. Parents and community are always most welcome to joins us for chapel and stay for a cuppa afterwards.

The Nest

The College employs a part time ministry worker who works from The Nest. The Nest is our space for families to connect with each other. The building on one side is a parent lounge room with facilities for a cuppa and the other side is a play room for children. A Bible study and prayer group is held in The Nest every Monday morning. Located behind The Nest is our Nature Play outdoor play space. Our ministry worker runs Pelican Kids which is a 0 to 5 years program that includes Nature Play and Story Time activities during term time. Contact us for further information on how you can be a part of Pelican Kids.

Stones of Celebration

Stones of Celebration is our way of rejoicing with our students and their families around the nine important milestones in the Trinity journey from prep to year 10. Each milestone will be marked with an event where students receive a symbolic stone from a member of College leadership and receive a special blessing from the pastor or ministry worker. Each student will have their own pouch in which to store their Stones of Celebration. These stones will then be kept in a special container in the classroom and travel with the student throughout their Trinity journey. Along the way we will welcome new students with a celebration stone and farewell departing students by handing back their stones.

Christian Studies

Christian Studies is a key learning area in the prep to year 10 curriculum of Trinity Lutheran College. Christian Studies introduces students to the world of religion and spirituality, which are integral components of the fabric of all cultures. It acknowledges that all people are on a lifelong journey of faith expressed in many dimensions of life, for example, relationships, community life, the environment, religious beliefs and traditions, situations of human need and suffering, ethical and justice issues. It presents to students a Christian worldview and a pathway for making meaning in their lives.

There is no assumption that students and teachers share a common set of beliefs, yet respect and sensitivity to one another is developed through genuine, open dialogue. Christian Studies at Trinity Lutheran College is underpinned by processes of inquiry, discussion and reflection and seeks to connect Christian beliefs and practices with the students’ own questions and experiences of the world. Reflection on and refinement of personal beliefs, values and life choices, and application of knowledge and understanding to the breadth of life – intellectual, emotional, personal, relational, spiritual – will assist students to consider the role and contribution they can make towards creating a more just, harmonious and compassionate world.

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